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The world needs 'The Racket' - Dave Eggers

Here a few of our favourite essays from the archive. Mark O'Connell on West London charisma shillers . Darragh McCausland on a summer in a psychiatric institution. Ted Schienman on his right wing talk radio hoodwinked a liberal. Henrietta Williams on protesting the London olympics and Eoin Butler's essay on the rigged game of the celebrity interview.

Who we are

Ours is a generation of swindlers. Name a scam, we either invented it or we perfected it: low cost airlines, data roaming, the credit default swap, redlining, PRISM, the War on Drugs, Silicon Valley solutionism ... The fix is not just in, it's ensconced by the fire checking in on its payday lending startup. All of which means there are more stories that need telling than ever before. It's only news if somebody, somewhere, wants it suppressed – so observed the British publishing magnate Lord Northcliffe. Northcliffe himself, of course, was a scheming propagandist and a "master of mass suggestion" – a kingmaker who used his newspapers to sink a prime minister and run his country into war. Oh, and his brother created Perrier, making a killing charging people for drinking water. The point is everyone’s on the make. So are we. THE RACKET.

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