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Who we are

The Racket began in 2012 as a magazine with stories around themes. We are now at work making something substantially different. In the meantime, here a few essays from 1.0. Mark O'Connell investigated the world of PEOPLE WHO TEACH CHARISMA. Darragh McCausland told about a summer spent in a psychiatric institution. There's Ted Schienman on his masochistic addiction to right wing talk radio and Henrietta Williams on protesting the London olympics. We recommend listening to Eoin Butler read mellifluously from his own essay on a weekend at home in west Ireland.

Want to Help?

If today’s media deals in the attention economy, The Racket wants to corner the black market. We want gripping stories about the criminally overlooked, the prematurely discarded, the unnoticed ticking time bomb. No story too big or small, light or dark. All formats considered. Get in touch relaunch@theracket.com